About the Bakehouse

Chris & Lori's Bakehouse began as a bakery and cafe serving breakfast and lunch in DeForest in 1995. After over a year of struggling through the early mornings and late nights that a young business demands, we decided that wholesaling our products to grocery stores was the way to go.

As the focus of the business shifted to wholesaling, we decided to also try our hand at the Dane County Farmer's Market on the square in 1996. Over the past two decades, our farmers' market stand has grown to offer several different types of scones, ranging from "ultra healthy" to "slightly healthy" - and of course, cow and flower-shaped sugar cookies in the "healthy schmealthy" category. We also offer dairy free and gluten free scones.

In early 2022, our business grew to include two partners and co-owners: Barb Brekken and Deanna Davenport. They both started working at our market stands in Spring 2021. Barb has a background in baking and decorating, having worked at a local bakery and most recently has been working in large-scale baking at UW Housing Dining and Culinary Services. She brings a bubbly personality and lots of laughter and cheer wherever she goes. Barb is excited to be a co-owner of the Bakehouse to continue its tradition. Her favorite scone is the Whole Grain Carrot Raisin (even though she isn’t a fan of carrot cake at all).

Deanna has dreamed of owning a bakery since she was a little girl and is a talented decorator. She has a background in management and most recently has managed a Kwik Trip. Deanna enjoys watching cartoons and the real housewives. Deanna says that she is honored to take on the role of leading the Bakehouse to future success. Her favorite scones are the Vanilla Almond and Coconut Chocolate.

Chris, Lori, Barb, and Deanna

Barb and Deanna